Goose Creek Car Accident Injury | Goose Creek Car Accident Whiplash

Goose Creek car accident injury can result in severe and ongoing problems including head, neck, and back problems; damage to the nerves, muscles and ligaments; shoulder, knee, arm, leg, and wrist problems, and, most serious of all -- brain injuries. Goose Creek car accident can be particularly bad because of ice and snow, which can mean totally losing control of a vehicle or being rear-ended.

The most common Goose Creek car injury is whiplash, which is a serious neck injury. Car crash victims may also injure or have pain in parts of their bodies other than the neck. Lower back pain is common in car crashes, as are leg injuries from hitting the dash board, steering wheel or other structures in the car.

Dr. Vance Kirar works with numerous individuals that have in car crash injuries in Goose Creek, SC. She has experience working with whiplash victims and patients who have sustained other injuries from an automobile accident.  The doctor uses a wide range of healing modalities to treat car accident patients.

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