Goose Creek Whiplash Injury | Goose Creek Neck Injury Accident

Pain from auto accidents can linger for years, if its cause is not corrected. Almost all Americans will be involved in at least one motor vehicle accident at some time in their life. Often we are able to walk away free of injury… or so we may think. Injuries that result from a motor vehicle accident are often not diagnosed correctly. Frequently, the pain or other symptoms of the injury are not apparent at the time of the auto accident. In fact, some auto injuries are hidden so well, they may be missed by emergency room technicians and could take weeks, months, and even years before actual symptoms show.

The most common symptoms of a Goose Creek whiplash injury are pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulder, recurring headaches, numbness in the arms and fingers, irritability, back pain, and dizziness. Few people realize that an untreated neck or back injury from a car accident is likely to develop into degeneration of the joints in later years.

If you have been involved in an accident and have suffered a Goose Creek Whiplash Injury, be sure to have your injuries evaluated and treated by a qualified Goose Creek chiropractor. You will experience the immediate benefit of pain relief and the long range benefits of a healthy spine.

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