“Outstanding 5 Star Level Care and very professional team. Dr. Vance and his team take their time to explain and every patient is treated with respect.”

“A life-changing experience! After only a month of treatment my back feels better and I learned that I can avoid surgery!!! Dr. Vance and Dr. Zach are thorough and the staff will make you feel at home every visit. Can’t recommend them enough.”

“Dr. Vance, Dr. Jill and Dr. Zack are amazing chiropractors! I don’t know what I would do without any of them throughout my pregnancy. Karl and Megan, the massage therapists, are really great as well! Everyone is extremely intelligent and caring. If you are looking to get out of pain without drugs and without surgery…I highly recommend going to see Kirar Superior Healthcare for your specific needs.”

“The Kirar team continues to keep me healthy and mobile.”